Give and Goal is a brand designed by: Andrew Clark, Blake Estes, Carrie Lembke, and Maddie Green. Our mission is to level the playing field amongst countries all around the world by providing real soccer balls to play with instead of using scrap materials.
This logo was designed to be expressive with hand made textures and a hand made typeface. While needing to showcase a soccer ball, the main focus of the mark was to explain the idea of giving from one person to the next. The slight rotation of the hand suggest moving forward and some of the characters in the logotype are stretched to suggest a giving motion.
These posters are bold, colorful, and full of pattern. They advertise the event of a soccer game being hosted on the UMSL campus to help raise money for the cause. The patterns represent each individual country along with the color to make the cause feel more personable. The figures in the background are village kids playing soccer and who the brand was created for. 
Screen takeovers were created and utilized on all the Macs in the Fine Art Building to advertise the event to as many people as possible. If one cannot make the event, there would be a way to donate online and support the cause anyways.
A strong social media presence keeps the followers engaged and up-to-date with new information about the brand and the events hosted. This also includes a link on how to donate online.
Pins were designed to hand out at events, not only helping spread awareness but also giving back to the supporters.
Jerseys were created for the teams using patterns from different countries and the players would be able to wear these during games. 
These are the soccer balls created to be sent all around the world thanks to our wonderful supporters. They are fun, meaningful, and representational of their eventual homes. 
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